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The Bingo Industry's Best and "Only" Real Bingo Flashboard Software!

Why would you buy a useless software download when you can get the best available bingo flashboard software product on a real cd? We ship promptly by PriorityUS mail. We created the digital bingo flashboard concept. All others are attempted copies of our product. No one has even come close to copying all of our features. We regularly receive comments from people who have purchased downloads that constantly crash their computers. Our proven and US built software does not crash!!!!!!!!

Our inexpensive Digital Bingo Machine replaces the very expensive obsolete electric/mechanical table top and console bingo machines and flashboards you find in many bingo centers and casinos. There are no switches, light bulbs, motors or wires to burn out. Our software runs on your pc style computer with Win2000 and up. Our application self installs on your computer.

The Digital Bingo Machine also replaces your old wire cage with balls games for bingo at home and in community centers.

We especially like to use the Digital Bingo Machine with laptops or tablet computers because of the ease of attaching a CRT monitor for your bingo players to see. Touch screen tablets are great, because the caller can use our easy touch screen buttons. Screen projectors connected to laptops are widely used by schools, and bingo centers .  Liquid crystal and plasma displays bring state of the art excitement to your bingo game.

Perfect for use in a bingo hall, school, senior center, residential park, coffee house, bars, restaurants and pizza parlors, or at home for family bingo! The Digital Bingo Machine is simply the very best bingo machine/flashboard combination available anywhere!

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.The Standard DBM prints thousands of bingo cards, provides superior images on your computer display, and costs only $29 on our on-line store!