Bingo Flashboard!

Click the image for the best custom bingo flashboard software you will find anywhere!             

When used on your laptop, tablet, or other computer, and combined with a Screen Projector, Crt, DLP, Plasma Display, or Liquid Crystal Display, the Digital Bingo Machine provides you with the very best bingo flashboard you can find anywhere! The Digital Bingo Machine prints up to 27,000 different paper bingo cards, and verifies them with the built in verifier. The Digital Bingo Machine replaces the older and now obsolete electric/mechanical bingo machines that have many wires and switches that break, light bulbs that frequently burn out, sometimes cracked plastic ping pong style balls and noisy motors that often need cleaning and servicing. Old fashioned bingo machines can cost several thousand dollars, while the Standard Digital Bingo Machine costs only $29.00.

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