"Multimedia Talking Digital Bingo Machine"

A multimedia bingo game from BCP Software, the originator of the "Digital Bingo Machine"! This software automatically calls bingo numbers with a caller's voice using the audio equipment on your computer. You must provide the bingo number from your own source. There is no random number generator on this product.

Created for use on a laptop, tablet, or other pc with support for win2000 and up, this multimedia bingo game software is easy to use, and fun to play. You can also use it with a crt, liquid crystal display, plasma display, dlp display or screen projector. This software prints a full 9000 series of bingo cards in gray scale or in color, and verifies bingo card wins with it's built in verifier.

This toy like bingo game playing and calling software has been created for home bingo play, and for bingo players who like toy like products for bingo. Bingo numbers are chosen by using your own wire cage with balls, bingo ball blower, or 75 number bingo card deck. By clicking on the bingo flashboard, a bingo caller's voice is sounded! It prints 9000 bingo cards, and verifies the wins with it's built in verifier. This multimedia game product is not to be confused with our other versions of the popular "Digital Bingo Machine" which are used to operate professional style bingo games in clubs, schools, community and senior centers and bingo halls, homes, and safety bingo in businesses. Our other professional style products can be found at http://www.bingomachine.biz.

Fun to play at home or when traveling, and an affordable gift for bingo players!
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