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Print bingo sheets with large easily read numbers on your desk top or laser printer!

You can print two bingo cards per sheet, four bingo cards per sheet, or six bingo cards per sheet with all versions of the Digital Bingo Machine.

All versions of the Digital Bingo Machine provide bingo sheet personalization. Add the name of your family, your bingo hall or school, your club, or the name of your company.

All versions of the digital bingo machine print bingo cards. The "Standard" version prints up to 9,000 different bingo card faces.

The Deluxe and Platinum versions print up to 27,000 different bingo card faces in three different series of 9,000 card faces each.

All cards are printed on standard desktop or laser printers on Letter size 8 1/2" x 11" paper, so you can run multiple sets of card faces on high speed copiers.

Many schools run sets of cards on their copiers for every classroom. On rainy days, the school laptop is passed around the classrooms for bingo play during recess, or math class.

Coffee shops, pizza parlors, restaurants, bars and other businesses will find that customers enjoy playing bingo at their establishments. Print a stack of bingo cards, hang up a liquid crystal display on the wall of your business, and use the Digital Bingo Machine to entertain and to retain your customers!




Every version of the Digital Bingo Machine has a built in winning bingo card verifier. So, you can easily verify every winning card.